The Functions Of The Electric Boom

The function of the electric boom can reduce the labor intensity of the staff and get twice the result with half the effort. If the depth of a stage is 14 meters, we can set up 38 electric booms for him, including 24 scenery poles (including a front curtain) , 14 spare suspenders [including 2 two-dimensional side light stands], one lifting movie screen stand, one lighting bridge and one set of infinitely uniform telescopic large screen machine.

Through our many years of experience in using stage boom machinery, we believe that our products have stable performance, safety and reliability, and have been adopted by hundreds of theaters. It uses a worm gear reduction system, the material is tin bronze, the friction coefficient is small, and the transmission efficiency is high. There are anti-shock protection, upper and lower limit protection. The pulley is a galvanized anti-skip flower wheel, and the installation does not need to be welded on the pulley beam. If it is welded to death, it will be very inconvenient to maintain and adjust in the future. The pulleys are all fixed with hoops and bolts. When the boom is raised or lowered to a certain position, the ABS locking system immediately shuts off the fire and locks the motor, so as to ensure that the sliding coefficient of the boom is small when it stops at this position, and the safety is high.

Post time: Sep-11-2023