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Jiangsu Xinghai Stage Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. specializes in the integration of stage machinery, R&D, design, production, and construction. It mainly undertakes engineering projects such as military aerospace, theaters, gymnasiums, conference halls, and lecture halls.

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The main lifting platform in the middle of the main stage is a single or double-deck lifting platform. Participate in changing the stage form, forming different height planes, so that the whole stage changes between planes and steps; the maximum of the main lifting platform can be raised to 10m above the stage. It can also cooperate with other elevators to form a step, increase the performance mode and meeting demand.


The lifting platform is composed of steel frame, wooden floor and surrounding decorative panels, driving device, transmission mechanism, peripheral anti-shearing protection device (including lifting platform and fixed platorm), signal device of entrance door, electrical equipment and control system. The elevator can be lifted independently or synchronously. The movement of the elevator should be interlocked with the entry and exit doors or entrances. When the entry and exit doors or entrances are not closed, the elevator can not move.
The driving mechanism is driven by rigid chain, screw or chain. Lfting platform can also be customized according to the needs of circular or other specific shapes.

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