Stage Boom Machine

The single-layer winding boom machine is installed on the upper part of the main stage and is used to lift the scenery, various curtains and lighting equipment. It is an important part of the mechanical equipment on the stage. It can realize functions such as stroke detection, summit protection, loose stacking rope protection, and overload protection. Configurable frequency conversion speed regulation mode can be used to operate alone or in groups.

Product Detail

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Equipment Selection Table

K(Load)Kg S(Lifting speed)m/s R(Drum diameter)mm D(Hanging Points) X(Lifting trip)
400    ≤2.0  245  ≤10  ≤30
600  273
800  320
1000 380

Introduction of Equipment

The single-layer winding boom crane is set in the middle of the main stage, which is used for lifting scenery, various curtain and lighting equipment, etc. It is the main component of the mechanical equipment on the stage. It can realize the functions of travel detection, top punching protection, rope loosening protection, overload protection and so on. Configurable frequency conversion speed regula-tion mode, can be run alone or multiple marshalling operation.

Composition of Suspenders

● pole body: triangle truss [double row truss], take-up basket; reserve slots, sockets, junction box installation location; both ends are equipped with black permanent plastic caps and fluorescent signs.
● Lifting and hoisting device: including motor, reducer, brake, encoder, drum, etc.
● Double brakes with manual release operation device;
● Limiting device with zero and upper and lower limit travel switches and over-range protection switches;
● Single and multi-rope pulley assemblies.

Installation Mode

Installation Mode

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