Stage Fire Curtain

The fire curtain is located between the auditorium and the stage. Its function is to seal the entrance to the front desk and isolate the view.

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The fire curtain is located between the auditorium and the stage. Its function is to seal the entrance to the front desk and isolate the view.

Hall and main stage space to prevent the spread of fire. Prevent the oxygen in the auditorium from being used by the main stage pull away. The fire curtain can block the audience's sight, calm the audience's emotions and keep them in order make a clean exit. When a fire accident occurs in the theater or at the end of each performance, the fire protection the curtain falls, dividing the stage and auditorium into two fire-proof areas. the fire curtain falls into place by gravity within 45 seconds. When 2.5M away from the main stage the damping will start to decrease to avoid injury to people and impact on the table. on the device layer, equipped with an electric lifting device, which can electrically control the rise and fall. It can also be lowered manually.

The fire curtain and fire resistance limit comply with the relevant Chinese national fire protection regulations.

The fire curtain and guide system can withstand the air pressure difference between the auditorium and the stage.

The fire curtain transmission is a counterweight winch system. The damping system uses hydraulic damping.

Stage Fire Curtain

The winch is equipped with detection devices for rope tangle, loose rope, overload and overtravel. The curtain body is an outer steel plate and a steel structure filled with fire-retardant materials.

Structural frame; capable of withstanding horizontal and vertical forces. The steel plate is brushed towards the stage surface with fire protection coating.

Hoist system, including electric motor, reducer, double brake, drum and manual release placing devices, etc.;

Release the descending damping device, the damping force and damping position of the device are adjustable;

Guide rail and sealing device; top sand sealing groove

A water curtain device (provided by the fire protection professional) is installed at the entrance of the stage to spray the curtain body and extend the curtain body fire resistance time.

pulley assembly;

Counterweight, counterweight frame guide rail and protective net;

Wire rope and accessories.

The upper end and both sides of the curtain body exceed the proscenium entrance of the stage building by 0.5M. in fire curtain.

Stage Fire Curtain

There are running guide rails on both sides of the curtain body, and sealing devices are installed around the curtain body and the building wall.

position so that the fire curtain can effectively seal smoke and fire when it is in the lowered position.

The fire curtain is equipped with warning lights and buzzers to prompt safety when the curtain is in operation.

Complete, the buzzer can be turned off nearby.

Local control panel with lift, lower, and emergency stop buttons enables

On-site operation, there is a manual device for directly releasing the curtain body.

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